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Let Me Ask You A Few Questions?

Have you ever wondered how many of your student practice what you teach in class at home?

Do Parents ever ask if you have videos online or if they can film you doing what you just taught in class?

Are you working a full time job during the day and teaching at night just to make ends meet until you can make enough to realize your dream of teaching full time?



Let Me Share My Idea With You

I've been there and know whats its like.  The above questions outline a need and I can show you how The Digi Dojo can help.

About the Creator

I would often ask my classes if they practiced at home and I rarely would get an honest yes.  I realized that is wasn't that they didn't want to get better or put in the effort..  they simply didn't know WHAT to practice and HOW they should practice it.  And Parents just want to be able to help their children.  If we had something to offer them where they could see their child practicing and enjoying what they are doing while getting better then parents would jump all over it. It would add value to our school and inevitably boost retention.

So I developed THE DIGI DOJO for my own schools. It worked so well I wanted to help other schools in my position to bring the same high quality service to their students.

Larry Kooyman 

Here's How THE DIGI DOJO Works


Once you sign up, you will have access to the "Getting Started Course" that will walk you through what we need to design your site.


Once we know what you need we will get to work designing your online Digital Dojo.  This process will take about a week.


Once your site is built you will be given a link that you can add to your Website, Social Media and email lists that will allow your students to sign up.


Your students will benefit from having the tools to practice with purpose and you will earn extra revenue by offering a valued service.

If this sounds intriguing, then click the link to get more information. I'll go over everything in detail on the next page.


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